In the year 1990 some young energetic, innovative technocrat to meet each other and planned to start a business. After having deep consultation and round of discussions they made-up their mind set and decided to start a new business in the fields of machine maintenance/ repairing, addition to the machines and ultimately to complete solutions to entrepreneur, Business community, industrialist to the specifically NCR region. And at that time young industrialist was going to set up and startups new businesses in the engineering sector. That time was beginning of globalization. as a team of young technical we took the responsibility to serve the industry in the fields of machine maintenance/scrapping.
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"We began using N. R. Machine Tools Maintenance about 2 years ago. It began as a economic thing in that their prices for parts are quite a bit lower than our old supplier. And then we found that their service charge for on site work was very reasonable also. But more than that they are very willing to answer any questions we have at any time no matter how long it may take. They have helped me out of a problem with my machine over the phone more than once. We find them very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of our equipment. They talk to us in a level that we can understand and learn from. I would gladly recommend N. R. Machine Tools Maintenance to anyone."

Mr. Jogesh Rai


N. R Machine Tools is providing various types of machine repair and maintenance/scrapping services since 1990. We try our best knowledge to sort out the problem of the factory owners in a very systematic manner and in a planned way so that avoid the production halt of the said materials. We are very prompt to provide service as well as guidance to the owners so that they can take the decision in a proper manner to avoid any halt in system.