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In the year 1990 some young energetic, innovative technocrat to meet each other and planned to start a business. After having deep consultation and round of discussions they made-up their mind set and decided to start a new business in the fields of machine maintenance/ repairing, addition to the machines and ultimately to complete solutions to entrepreneur, Business community, industrialist to the specifically NCR region. And at that time young industrialist was going to set up and startups new businesses in the engineering sector. That time was beginning of globalization. as a team of young technical we took the responsibility to serve the industry in the fields of machine maintenance/scrapping.

Mr. C. K. Naidu & Mr. Rajesh Naidu the twin pillars of the organization called N. R. Machine Tools to start and serve the industry. They are fulfilling the demands of NCR region industries in the field of machine maintenance particularly in engineering sector

Both Naidu & their team take responsibility to maintenance of the machines to get desired results by industry owners/ chief of production staff members. In this process M/S N. R. Machine Tools through their team members given 25 years of their excellence in the field of machine maintenance. During the course of last 25 years we served the industries as our best knowledge and abilities. We met some challenges/ obstacles in these fields but we come through successfully.

We provide complete solution as well as all kinds of consultancy as a technical consultant. We do work as a technical consultant in which we provides maintenance services, repairing work, Additional woks, annual maintenance contract, for imported machine as well as indigenous (CNC , VMC, Milling, Lathe, Boring , Cylindrical Grinder, Radial Drill, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, MMTR-Milling and others)

As soon we received the information from our respective clients through any mode of communication we immediately finalize the timing of meeting with the department head. We visit them at their factory after having discussion about the machine problem we inspect the machines and immediately start thinking about fault repair. After inspection we give a rough estimated quotation of the cost of repairing work and after taking go ahead from the department head we depute our engineers to rectify the same as earlier as possible so that production will not suffer. So far we are providing over technical consultancy service only in NCR region particularly Faridabad, Gaurgaon, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Manesar, Noida, Bhiwadi etc. but now we want to expand our services whole the country. And if we get a call from other country we are ready to serve them also. Now we are ready to serve in this thrust area of engineering sector based machinery maintenance service business. Keeping all facts into the mind you are requested to give a chance to serve you better.

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